How to Play CryptoBlades: A Beginner’s Guide

by Chin Yi Hong

CryptoBlades is an NFT role-playing game developed by Riveted Games and launched on BNB Smart Chain. Players can battle monsters, craft weapons, participate in raids, trade on the marketplace, and gain SKILL tokens through the game. In this guide, we will teach you how to play CryptoBlades.

Before you start, you'll need:

Head over to CryptoBlades and click "Connect to MetaMask". 

Then, select "Configure MetaMask" and approve the notifications sent to your MetaMask application. CryptoBlades will automatically add the configuration for BNB Smart Chain and SKILL tokens to your MetaMask account.

Once you're done, refresh the page, and you would see the amount of SKILL needed to recruit a character. Keep in mind that you need at least one character and some transaction fee to play the game. You'd have to decide how much BNB you want to purchase before proceeding to the next step. 


2) Send BNB to Your Metamask Wallet

Now, go to your Binance app and buy some BNB. Enter your MetaMask address and select BEP20 (BSC) as the network to send the BNB to your MetaMask wallet. 

Remember to double-check the address so you won't send the fund to the wrong address.

3) Swap BNB to SKILL via ApeSwap

Afterwards, go to ApeSwap or PancakeSwap and connect to MetaMask. Enter the amount of BNB or SKILL, then swap your BNB to SKILL tokens.

Once you have received your SKILL tokens, you are ready to enter the world of CryptoBlades!

4) Recruit Characters and Forge Weapons

Now, go back to Plaza and recruit your very first character. You would have to pay some SKILL to receive a starter character with a random element and a 1-star weapon.

Character Elements

Each character consists of one of four character elements: Fire, Earth, Lightning, Water.

Character elements will determine the player's advantage in combat. One element is either strong or weak against the other elements. The player has a higher chance of winning when duelling an opponent with an element disadvantage.


A weapon rarity and element are decided at random when it's minted. Weapons share the same elements like characters, and the element advantage works the same. The weapon's element determines the player's battle roll (similar to character), while the rarity decides the attributes added to the character using the weapon. Higher attributes mean a higher winning probability.


Reforging weapons is the process of burning and merging one weapon into another. The target weapon will receive enhanced attributes, while the burned weapon disappears.Reforging adds value to low rarity weapons, ensuring that they do not go to waste.

Reforging requires a certain amount of SKILL. To reforge, simply go to Blacksmith, select a weapon, then click “Reforge.”

Should I recruit/forge a new character/weapon or buy from the marketplace?

It is more cost-efficient to get your desired characters or weapons from the market instead of getting them through recruiting and forging. It is easy to navigate yourself through the market and search for the item you want.

5) Start Playing

Select a character and weapon via Plaza and Blacksmith, then head over to Combat to start fighting. You'd have to pay a small transaction fee to start fighting.

If you rolled a higher number than your enemy, you will win the fight and earn a small amount of SKILL token.  Don't worry if you lose the fight, as you won't lose SKILL tokens from losing. 

There will be an early withdrawal tax which starts at 15% and reduces by 1% per day until it hits 0%. Hence, it's recommended to withdraw after 15 days. The tax is reset to 15% after each withdrawal. Once you've accumulated your desired amount of SKILL, you may use ApeSwap to convert your SKILL to another cryptocurrency and then send it to Binance.

Character Stamina

Each character has its stamina pool, which can reach a maximum of 200. Every five minutes, one point of stamina is regenerated. 

When a player engages in combat, stamina is depleted at a rate of 40/80/120/160/200 stamina per fight, depending on the player's chosen stamina cost per fight. When you use more stamina per fight, you can earn more SKILL per fight if you win and significantly reduce your daily transaction fee because you battle less. However, this also means that you would lose more stamina if you lose the battle.

It is suggested to choose 40 stamina per fight to maximize your profits. At the rate of 40 stamina per fight, each character can play up to 7.2 fights in 24 hours.

How do I win more battles?

There are many battle simulators that you can find on the Internet to calculate the estimated chance of winning for each battle. For example, you may use this combat simulator or this Chrome add-on.

How much can I earn? 

You may use the in-built earnings calculator provided by CryptoBlades to estimate your amount of earnings. 


At first glance, CryptoBlades is easy to play, and it resembles the now-defunct Mafia Wars by Zynga. There is not much complexity in the game now, but we may see more updates soon, considering it was released two months ago.

Like any other play-to-earn game, CryptoBlades and its native token SKILL is highly volatile, which means that you may lose all of your money if you are not careful. So, if you want to try the game, make sure that you use the money you can afford to lose.

If you are interested in more crypto games, check out the following articles to learn about more games and how to play them.

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Chin Yi Hong

Chin Yi Hong

Yi Hong is a market research intern at CoinGecko. He is a finance student who is learning more about blockchain technology.

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