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How to Play Thetan Arena - Complete Beginner’s Guide

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Thetan Arena is a new play-to-earn (P2E) game that launched in late November last year. Just like Axie Infinity (AXS), Thetan Arena offers cryptocurrency rewards for players which ultimately can be transformed into money or earnings, but these two games differ in a few areas. 

Firstly, they belong in completely different game genres. Axie Infinity can be loosely classified as a turn-based strategy game, whereas Thetan Arena is more of a multiplayer-online-battle-arena (MOBA) game - think Pokemon vs. Brawl Stars.

Thetan Boxes containing heroes of different rarity

Perhaps the biggest difference is that Thetan Arena, unlike Axie Infinity, is free-to-play. Sure, you can spend money on heroes and loot boxes to accelerate your earnings, but players won’t have to fork out hundreds or thousands of dollars just to play or start earning.

So how do you get started? Read on to find out!

Installing Thetan Arena

The first stop in your journey should be Thetan Arena’s website, where you can download the game directly from its homepage. The game works on PC and even mobile (both iOS and Android) so simply pick the device you prefer to play on, install and follow the on-screen instructions to set up an account.

You can also link your Metamask wallet to the account you have just created on Thetan Arena. To do this, simply visit Thetan Arena’s Marketplace, click on “Connect Wallet” and the website will guide you through the setup. Do note that this is an irreversible process and you won’t be able to change the wallet address once connected, so make sure to double-check that you’re linking the right wallet!

Linking your wallet is not necessary for playing and earning. This will only be required for the withdrawal of in-game currencies (THG & THC), as well as buying and selling of items or heroes.

Once you’re ready, start up the game and hop right in!

Thetan Arena Gameplay

If you have played other MOBA (multiplayer online battling arena) games such as Wild Rift or Pokemon Unite before, you would feel right at home in Thetan Arena. The core gameplay mechanics are very similar, right down to the control, interface and even some skills.

For those who are not familiar with how MOBA games work, fret not as an overview of how Thetan Arena works will be provided below. The game itself also provides tutorials to new players right from the get-go, allowing you to get your sea legs under you before venturing out into the storm of battles.  


Upon launching the game for the first time, all new players are given a free hero called Raidon (see above), with a chance to earn 2 more heroes as they progress further in the game. Beyond the initial 3 heroes, you can only acquire further heroes through purchasing Thetan Boxes or the Marketplace by spending THC. Typical of MOBA games, Thetan Arena is packed with a wide selection of heroes to fit a plethora of playstyles. Each hero possesses its own unique active skill called ‘Fury’. Broadly, there are 3 types of heroes in the game - tank, assassin and marksman:-

Source: CoinGecko Analysis

When shopping for heroes on the Marketplace, take note of the stat “gTHC Battles”. Each hero in Thetan Arena has a limited number of battles in which it is entitled to earning gTHC, Thetan Arena’s in-game currency. Take Kong Key below as an example, gTHC battles of 200/843 means that this Kong Key has participated in 200 battles, and can only earn gTHC in the next 643 games. So if you see any heroes listed for sale that are too-good-to-be-true, pay extra attention to its gTHC Battle count!

Other stats to take note of when assessing heroes are win bonus (amount of bonus gTHC earned from winning) and Daily gTHC Battles (number of games the hero is eligible for earning gTHC per day). 

All three stats (i.e. Win Bonus, gTHC Battles, and Daily gTHC Battles) are determined by the hero’s rarity, which is a collective sum of two elements - the hero’s base rarity and its skin rarity. In general, heroes of higher rarity can earn more bonus win rewards at a higher frequency, which ultimately translates to higher earnings. Also note that only paid heroes from the Thetan Boxes or purchased from the Marketplace are eligible for winning gTHC from battles. Free heroes such as the Raidon you get can be used to participate in games, but will not earn any cryptocurrency rewards from them. 

For more information on the relationship between rarity and battle rewards, refer to Thetan Arena’s documents here.

Free-to-play Heroes 

But wait a second, if only heroes purchased from Thetan Boxes or the Marketplace are eligible for earning gTHC, how is it still play-to-earn for players who aren’t going to spend a dime? 

With your free heroes such as Raidon, you can still participate in game matches. By winning these matches, you improve your rankings and for every ranking milestone hit, you will be rewarded with either PP (used to upgrade your heroes, such as increasing their stats, gTHC battles and win bonus) or gTHC. This way, skilled players can still earn a decent amount of gTHC. The gTHC can be used to trade for money, or purchase heroes directly from the marketplace to boost your earning potential. If you’re feeling lucky, you can also roll the luck with buying a Thetan Box in the hopes of landing a rare hero, which can potentially be sold for significantly more gTHC.

There’s also another currency called gTHG, which is the governance token of Thetan Arena. For now, gTHG can only be earned through participation in tournaments or special events, which are only eligible for premium heroes.

Thetan Gem (THG) is a functional utility token that can be used to vote on governance proposals for future directions of game features and parameters, as well as a form of premium currency to purchase the Legendary Box on the Marketplace. On the other hand, Thetan Coin (THC) is the main currency used within Thetan Arena’s operations, and is mainly used for the purchase of heroes or Thetan Boxes. In short, gTHG is Axie Infinity’s AXS of Thetan Arena, whereas gTHC is SLP’s counterpart. 

Note: gTokens (i.e. gTHG and gTHC) are in-game versions of Thetan Arena’s cryptocurrencies, and can be used to redeem for Thetan Gold (THG) and Thetan Coin (THC). 

Game Modes

Like Brawl Star, Thetan Arena contains various game modes for players to choose from, with each mode offering unique win conditions that call for different strategies. There are a total of 4 gameplay modes in Thetan Arena:-

  • Battle Royale (Solo/Duo)
    Players either team up as a duo or fly solo to battle it out in an ever-shrinking battleground. Last team or man standing wins.
  • Tower Siege
    Players are divided into two teams and as its name suggests, the objective is to destroy the enemy’s tower. A siege can only be performed when either team successfully summons the Siege Robot after collecting enough Battery. 
  • Super Star
    Similar to tower siege, the main objective of Super Star is to get ahold of the well…Super Star, which will generate Star Points overtime. The first team to gain a 50-point advantage wins.
  • Deathmatch
    It’s every man for himself in this game mode. First player to reach 25 elimination points (gained from killing your opponents) is crowned as the winner in this arena.

In addition to these 4, there’s also a fifth game mode called Custom Battle, which allows you to create private games to play with your friends. The host has free rein over the game settings, including game mode, maps and number of players.


Before entering the battleground, players must first equip 2 skills for their hero. Hero Fury + 2 skills means that your hero will have a total of 3 skills to use in-game. Every week, 15 skills are randomly made available for all the players to pick from. Skills in Thetan Arena can be classified into one of three types:

  • Effect Skill
    Skill that inflicts status effects on allies or enemies
  • Damage Skill
    Skill that helps increase the amount of damage dealt by heroes
  • Support Skill
    Skills that aid heroes on the battlefield

Players will need to make careful decisions in picking the right skills with consideration of their playstyle, the hero used, game mode, combos, team role and more. For instance, combining an area-of-effect (AoE) crowd control skill such as Black Hole with another AoE damage skill such as Bullet Storm is a great way to eliminate a large group of enemies. This is just one of the many synergistic combos available, with many more powerful ones waiting to be discovered by you.

In Game

Alright, now you’ve learnt all you need to know about Thetan Arena, it’s time to put the theories to the test. In all of the game modes,you will see boxes strewn around the battlefield. These contain power-ups that help your heroes level up, or provide buffs to make them stronger. For MOBA veterans, the in-game interface should be a familiar sight. But just in case this is all new to you, here’s a brief overview of the controls:

  • Movement
    A control wheel/on-screen joystick to control your hero’s movements.
  • Auto-attack
    Tap on this icon to perform default attacks. For certain heroes, holding down on this will allow them to charge up and perform more powerful attacks. 
  • Fury
    Every hero has its own special ability called “Fury”, which can be activated alongside two other skills.
  • Skills
    These 2 active skills can be mixed-and-matched based on player preference before entering the battleground (see above).

Cashing Out

So you’ve put in the hours, you’ve played the game, earned some gTHC and gTHG, and you’re ready to cash out, what happens now? Simply head to Thetan Arena’s Marketplace and log in with your Metamask wallet. Click on your profile, navigate to your wallet in the options and click “Claim” and voila!

Do note however that for withdrawals, a 4% fee will be charged and you will need to reach a minimum of Bronze 1 in rankings before you can claim any tokens. Once you have the respective tokens in your wallet, you can convert it to fiat or other coins as you would with other cryptocurrencies. To find out where THC and THG are traded, check out our website!


And that about wraps it up for this short guide on how to play Thetan Arena! This should arm you with a basic understanding of how the game works, which should be more than enough to get you started. Compared to Axie Infinity and many other P2E games which require capital upwards of hundreds or even thousands of dollars, Thetan Arena has a much lower barrier-of-entry since it’s free-to-earn. If you are a MOBA game fan or enjoy skill-based PVP games, give Thetan Arena a spin. After all, there’s no harm in having fun and earning at the same time. 

So what are you waiting for? We’ll see you on the battlefield.


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Dillon Yap

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