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#NEM was invited to an exclusive event with Sandra Ro, Tomicah Tilleman, and Jim Newsome of Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) last November 27th. Read the full story below👇

SmartCash SmartTalk Radio E02 - The Bitcoin Confidential Snapshot & Airdrop

Chris Karabats and Mark Hakkarinen discuss the upcoming Bitcoin Confidential snapshot on December 15th at 0700 UTC, the following airdrop, the history behind Bitcoin Confidential, and what it means for the SmartCash community.

Listen to the episode on YouTube:

More details at:

Churchs Chicken Venezuela becomes the first major franchise to integrate Dash as the exclusive crypto payment method for all stores nationwide. Starting today and in all Venezuela, Church's Chicken users will be able to make payments with Dash and enjoy the crunch! #elmejorcrunch

We've just secured our partnership to integrate direct funding mechanisms into the ZeroClient. Exciting stuff! Cannot wait to share with you all! Stay tuned!

Hi everyone! Check out Kyber's latest Tech Update🔧

✅ Permissionless Order Book Reserve
✅ Automated Market Maker Reserve
✅ WBTC Progress
✅ Trading Enhancements
✅ Development of WooCommerce Plugin

and other interesting news!

Read more:

Warning! Only keep your Komodo in your Ledger if you don't want/need to use them for the next 1-2 months until Ledger adds support for Sapling. We hope that Ledger Sapling support will be ready before X-mas or January 2019. However, we can't guarantee what they will or won't do.

TrueUSD selects Nexo as its official lending partner. As a result of our strategic partnership with TrustToken, TrueUSD has become the latest collateral option (with a 95% loan-to-value ratio) and repayment method for our instant crypto loans.

BLOC GUI Miner v0.0.2 is out

BLOC GUI Miner is a beautiful, easy to use, Graphical User interface for mining multiple cryptocurrency based on cryptonote.

It is aimed at getting people that have never tried mining before with a focus on accessibility, security and simplicity. BLOC GUI miner makes getting started with cryptocurrencies mining easier than ever available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

BLOC Wallet for iOS is running the new BLOC core v3

We had to upgrade the wallet running the BLOC Wallet iOS app to the new BLOC and the app was not available for few days sorry about that. This task is now complete and if your are using the app then you are already running the new BLOC core.

Download BLOC Wallet from the App store :

BLOC v3.0.0.2 is now available for Windows and macOS
It is recommended for everyone to update to this version as soon as possible.

BLOC GitHub source code:

DigiByte is now supported on BitBill secure and easy to use MultiSig wallet!

VeriCoin and Verium Live Google Hangout this Friday (Dec 14th) at 3:00 PM EST with Lead Developer Douglas Pike and Kevin Alvarez

VeriCoin and Verium Live Google Hangout this Friday (Dec 14th) at 3:00 PM EST with Lead Developer Douglas Pike and Kevin Alvarez

A fair, robust, and transparent dispute resolution and governance on the #blockchain. This is their promise, their oath. Know more about the @OathProtocol at

#OathProtocol #NEM #NEMecosystem #NEMprojects

TAVITT/BTC trading pair will be available on CoinTiger, 20,000 TAVITT airdrop for TCH holders

1.TAVITT deposit will be available at 16:00 on Dec 12th, 2018(UTC+8).
2.TAVITT/BTC trading pairs will be available at 16:00 on Dec 13th, 2018(UTC+8).
3.TAVITT withdrawal will be available at 16:00 on Dec 19th, 2018(UTC+8).

Check for more details:

XLM/BTC、XLM/ETH and XLM/USDT trading pairs is now available on CoinTiger

1.XLM deposit will be available at 16:00 on Dec 11th, 2018(UTC+8).
2.XLM/BTC、XLM/ETH and XLM/USDT trading pairs will be available at 16:00 on Dec 11th, 2018(UTC+8).
3.XLM withdrawal will be available at 16:00 on Dec 19th, 2018(UTC+8).

Check for more details:

Alex, CMO of #Lethean ( recently attended the ASEAN Digital Asset Summit in Bangkok.

Exciting times ahead!


Shopzcoin Mobile App is now live on Google Play and Apple IOS Store!

Manage your ShopZcoin account and made any payment with hassle-free Feature with personal transaction passcode and support QR scanner in all mobile phone

Download the app now !

Google Play

IOS Store

Watch the interview of Jasmine Ng, #NEM Malaysia Director of Investment and Services, on the opportunities for #blockchain in banking👇

#NEM observes its technology talk in #Bangalore last November 25th. Read the full story below👇

Welcome Coingecko on board! 🌟
CoinGecko is setting up their first masternode with TomoChain. Coingecko masternode will be launched on 14th Dec, 2018 so let's vote for them
For more details:
Thank you for joining TomoChain network.

Tenzorum brings seamless #blockchain integrations to applications, games, wallets, exchanges, financial services, identity systems, fund management, and more. Find out what else it can do at

#Tenzorum #NEM #NEMecosystem #NEMprojects

SVKCrypto Podcast with Switcheo

Today's episode features Jack Yeu, the co-founder of Switcheo Network, giving an insight into what has been going on at the decentralised exchange.

Find out more with the link below:

Groestlcoin GRS is now listed on StealtheX! You can swap GRS with more than 100 other coins!
It's fast, secure and anonymous.

Wanchain today released Wanchain 3.0, making it the world’s most advanced blockchain interoperability platform. This product release features cross-chain transaction capability through Wanchain for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ERC20 tokens. This launch marks a monumental step in the industry’s progression toward the Web 3.0 economy where all public and private blockchains will be completely interconnected.
Feel free to read the full article

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