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eos  (EOS)


$10,60 -3.6%
0,00021938 BTC -1.0%
1,00000000 EOS 0.0%
61.859 người thích điều này
Giá trị vốn hóa thị trường
KL giao dịch trong 24 giờ
Thấp trong 24h / Cao trong 24h
$10,18 / $11,76
Cung lưu thông
957.280.929 / ∞

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EOS Price and Market Stats

Giá EOS $10,60
ROI của EOS 971.1%
Giá trị vốn hóa thị trường $10.150.797.710
Chỉ số thống trị vốn hóa thị trường 0,44%
Khối lượng giao dịch $
Khối lượng / Vốn hóa thị trường 1.0
Thấp trong 24h / Cao trong 24h $10,18 / $11,76
Thấp trong 7 ngày / Cao trong 7 ngày $9,32 / $14,22
Xếp hạng Vốn hóa thị trường #19
Cao nhất mọi thời điểm $22,71 -53.3%
Apr 29, 2018 (khoảng 3 năm)
Thấp nhất mọi thời điểm $0,502400 2010.6%
Oct 23, 2017 (hơn 3 năm)
Thông báo về tiếp thị liên kết
# Sàn giao dịch Cặp Giá Mức chênh lệch Độ sâu +2% Độ sâu -2% Khối lượng giao dịch trong 24 giờ Khối lượng % Giao dịch lần cuối Điểm tin cậy
11 $
10,565 USDT
0.03% 1.000.995 $ 1.249.473 $
856.702.578 $
80990230,252 EOS
8,43% Gần đây
11 $
10,6481 USDT
0.03% 924.237 $ 383.079 $
748.665.806 $
70272325,742 EOS
7,38% Gần đây
11 $
8,701 EUR
0.05% 3.938.801 $ 3.436.040 $
2.219.206 $
209990,002 EOS
0,02% Gần đây
11 $
10,565 USD
0.09% 3.716.343 $ 3.467.292 $
33.747.153 $
3194240,738 EOS
0,33% Gần đây
11 $
10,54059 USD
0.05% 2.257.422 $ 2.047.588 $
285.906.499 $
27124335,430 EOS
2,81% Gần đây
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** Inactive - No trades in the last 3 hours

Giới thiệu về EOS

Giá EOS (EOS) cho hôm nay là $10,60 với khối lượng giao dịch trong 24 giờ là $ Giá giảm -3.6% trong 24 giờ qua.Nó có nguồn cung lưu hành là 960 Triệu đồng và nguồn cung tối đa là ∞ đồng. Binance hiện là thị trường giao dịch đồng tiền ảo này sôi động nhất.

What Is EOS?
EOS has always been one of the most hype over ICO and now a smart contract platform. When it was announced by founder Dan Larimer in New York City in May 2017, a giant jumbotron advertisement could be seen glowing over Times Square. In the first 5 days of their ICO token sale, EOS raised an unprecedented $185 million in ETH — all without having any kind of product or service yet.

EOS claims to be “the most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications.” Basically, EOS is (or, rather, will be) a blockchain technology much like Ethereum. They plan to create their own blockchain with a long list of impressive features. Some are even calling EOS the “Ethereum killer.” But along with all the hype and excitement about EOS, there’s also a large amount of skepticism coming from the crypto community.

The EOS Vision
EOS has big plans. It will be a software that will act as a decentralized operating system. Developers can then build applications on the EOS software. It will be highly scalable, flexible, and usable. The most notable feature that everyone is getting excited about is horizontal scalability — what this means is the EOS blockchain will be able to allow parallel execution of smart contracts and simultaneous processing of transactions. This could be a real game changer.

EOS will incorporate the delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) consensus protocol, created by founder Dan Larimer himself. This system is less centralized, uses far less energy, and is incredibly fast — as in, up to millions-of-transactions-per-second fast. Furthermore, there will be no user fees on the EOS blockchain. This would also set them apart from the competition and could help them gain more widespread adoption of their platform.

EOS also wants to put a blockchain constitution in place to secure user rights and enable dispute resolution. As explained in their technical whitepaper: "The EOS.IO software is designed from experience with proven concepts and best practices, and represents fundamental advancements in blockchain technology. The software is part of a holistic blueprint for a globally scalable blockchain society in which decentralized applications can be easily deployed and governed."

Tokens that are issued on top of the EOS platform includes Everipedia, HorusPay, Meet One, and more.

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